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  • Honeymoon From Hell

    Honeymoon From Hell

    When young newlyweds Julia and Rivers find themselves trapped in a quaint, Carolina coastal bed and breakfast with fellow stragglers during a dangerous hurricane, they soon begin to suspect they are being haunted by the legendary ghost of Alice Flagg.

  • Accidentally Engaged

    Accidentally Engaged

    When unsuccessful actress Clarissa returns to her hometown for a wedding and tries to impress her old friends by claiming she's dating big time celebrity Chas Hunter, she suddenly finds herself in a comically false engagement when her lies go public and Chas decides to join the festivities in a stunt to escape bad press.

  • Sweet Home Carolina

    Sweet Home Carolina

    A struggling single mother living in Los Angeles uproots her family to a small Southern town when she inherits her eccentric aunt's old house and peculiar dog.  Desperate for the money, but bound by the terms of her aunt's will, she intends on living in the house and keeping the dog for only a year. Little does she know, in that one year her life will change forever.

  • A Fish Tale

    A Fish Tale

    A stuffed animal shows a little girl that love is a special kind of magic. Starring Robert Carradine.

  • All Hallows Eve

    All Hallow's Eve

    As Eve celebrates her Birthday on Halloween night, she discovers she's a witch and accidentally summons an old relative that wants to enslave the town.

  • The Suicide Note

    The Suicide Note

    When ambitious young, 21-year old psych student Molly White wakes up to discover her roommate Emma has committed suicide, she discovers only a suicide note detailing the devastating last moments of Emma's life. But when Molly begins to see haunting visions of Emma's death, Molly starts to suspect there is much more to Emma's suicide than meets the eye. AVAILABLE NOW!

  • A Dogwalkers Christmas Tale

    A Dogwalkers Christmas Tale

    Luce Lockhart loves Christmas, but she finds herself in a predicament when she maxes out her credit card. Desperately wanting a ruby necklace, Luce has no choice but to accept a dog walking job for the Brandts. Reluctantly agreeing to walk Hank, Luce finds a nearby dog park where she meets some of the dog owners, including exasperating dog walker Dean Silver. Soon after, she learns that the Brandts have plans to create a spa on the dog park land. When Dean finds out about these plans, he and Luce are at odds on Dean's agenda to stop the development. But as Luce spends more time with Hank and Dean, she starts to see the park in a different light. Stuck in a bad spot of having to choose between the Brandts or Dean, Luce will have to decide if she'll be able to save the dog park by Christmas.

  • 12 Dog Days Till Christmas

    12 Dog Days Till Christmas

    When charming yet misguided juvenile delinquent Jack Whitley gets in trouble again just a few weeks before Christmas, he is sent to his probation officer Art Davis. Art gives Jack a community service task he hopes will ultimately change Jack for the better--with only 12 days left to go, Jack and Ryan must join forces and set out on a holiday mission in order to find permanent homes for all 12 of their most unwanted pups.

  • 12 Dog Days Till Christmas Reviews

    "A 'feel good' movie that is sure to inspire you and get you in the holiday spirit."

    Kimberly, Shescribes.com
  • All She Wishes

    All She Wishes

    When sardonic high school loner Sophie O'Dea is given a beautiful but ancient car from her neurotic grandma Grace on her birthday, she is skeptical when she is also told that the car has magical powers that will grant her one wish. Sophie must learn to open her heart up to others again and make things right with Drake before her wish is finally fulfilled and he disappears back to the big city forever.

  • Varsity Blood

    Varsity Blood

    A pack of small town jocks and cheerleaders with a dark secret head out to a remote farmhouse for a raucous Halloween pasture party, only to find themselves up for slaughter by someone dressed as their high school mascot, an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting ax and a bow and arrow.

  • Varsity Blood Reviews

    "A supremely entertaining slasher rollercoaster..."

    JA Kerswell, The Slasher Movie Book
  • 1 Chance 2 Dance

    1 Chance 2 Dance

    When a seventeen-year old aspiring dancer is uprooted mid-semester of her senior year, she finds herself in a small East Coast high school where her heart will be divided between two boys, and she will have one last shot at making her big dream of becoming a dancer a reality.

  • Bloody Homecoming

    Bloody Homecoming

    Three years after a tragic accident leaves a student dead at the annual Homecoming dance, a group of senior friends anxious about the return of Homecoming Night to their sleepy Southern town find themselves visited by a deadly presence from their past in the dark and desolate halls of their very own high school.

  • Bloody Homecoming Reviews

    "A refreshing DTV slasher..."

    Bloody Disgusting.com
  • 3 Times a Charm

    3 Times a Charm

    Emma, the studious editor of the school newspaper, is given a magical necklace that grants her three chances to see the consequences of her actions after she's asked to cheat on a final exam by the most popular guy in school.

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